The same awesome walker every day.

We provide a reliable dog walker service for Jersey City.  Choose a package that fits your needs at an affordable price, and crush your busy life knowing your pets are well taken care of.  The same dog walker creates a routine that makes your pet feel secure in their environment.  Each walk is a solo walk, unless you request otherwise.  Don’t cycle through all the apps – this is the recurring scheduled service for you!   A enthusiastic human being is just a phone call.  

Client references and proof of insurance are always provided during the meet and greet.  You’ll talk to the owner as well as the walker who has been assigned your area.  We’ll go over a set of questions that addresses any concerns or special requests.  There is no obligation to begin service if you schedule a meet and greet. 

Explore the site to learn more, or fill out a contact form to begin service.  Our walking area map covers zip codes: 07302 and 07310. \

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