Billy and Eiley

Billy Eiley

Billy Eiley Christmas card


Client Profile – Billy Eiley


Billy is 9 ½, Eiley is 8 ½.

Favorite Toys:

Billy: his jolly ball or anything that squeaks

Eiley: elk antlers

Favorite Activities:

Billy: we frequent many beer gardens with him!

Eiley: naps and movie nights on the couch

Tricks or Commands:

Billy knows “up top!” and can do a high five with his paw.

Eiley sticks to the basics—she can cost and that’s about it.  They both know “do you wanna go to grandma and grandpa’s?” Since this is their favorite place to visit

Favorite Products

Parents prefer lavender scented poop bags

How has your experience been so far with Jersey City Dog Walking?

Absolutely wonderful! It can be emotionally tough owning two rescue pit bulls based on their reputations in the media and we’re thankful Tony loves them and the Pitbull breed!

Check out their parent’s review here on Google, and here on Yelp.

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