Client Profile: Ellie


Ellie is two and a half years old.  When Ellie is in the mood to chew, she loves to chomp on deer antlers and water buffalo horns! Her favorite plush toy is Lamb Chop and she loves chasing tiny Kong tennis balls!  Ellie knows commands for sit, stay, down, paw, and speak. She also knows how to give kisses, hugs, and dance!

Favorite activities:

Hiking! Ellie loves exploring new trails, and we take her to the Poconos often where she runs free through the woods on family property.

How has your experience been so far with Jersey City Dog Walking?

Our experience with Jersey City Dog Walking has been wonderful! Marcelo is trustworthy, reliable, communicative, and most importantly… Ellie loves him!

Check out what Ellie’s mom had to say about us here!


Ellie at the beach

Ellie at Colgate park

Ellie Hiking

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