Dog Adoption And Fostering Links For New Jersey

Can’t adopt but want some love in your life?  Fostering is a great way to do something positive in your community, not to mention you get unlimited kisses every time you come home!   There are a lot of different foster options in the Jersey City area.  This page has a list of resources if you are interested in learning more.  Scroll down to see all the options available in New Jersey and New York.

Best Friends 

Best Friends New York Adoption Logo

Jersey City Foster Dog Program

Fostering is a great way to get started with pet ownership.  If you are perhaps unsure about if you want to take the leap into adoption.  Best Friends is always in need of volunteers that will open their doors to needy animals. There are all sorts of animals that are in need from kittens to turtles.  Best Friends will take care of veterinary care and also cover vet care costs that arise during their stay with you. Just provide a happy nurturing environment and you are all good to get started!

They do a variety of vetting procedures to make sure that you are a qualified applicant.  There is also a video orientation to get you set up and ready to welcome a foster animal.

How to Start:

  1. There is a volunteer profile application at
  2. after you create a profile, sign up for an upcoming foster orientation found on the link here: “New York Foster Program”

You can also e-mail the foster department at:

Liberty Humane Society

Liberty Humane Society Logo LHS is based in Jersey City, NJ.  Click here and go to their fostering application page.  The spring and summer months Liberty Humane gets hit really bad with foster kittens, as that is when they are usually born, and are constantly arriving at the facility.       LHS is in need of people to care for these animals while they are in the transition period of heading off to their new homes.  There are also other kinds of animals such as birds and lizards that need homes, so be sure to navigate to the link above and see what other kind of fostering you can do.

See Spot Rescued

Great local adoption agency based in Jersey City.  Browse their instagram to see who’s available near you!  Here is SSR’s instagram if you need a quick puppy fix.

Bloomfield Animal Shelter

The Bloomfield Animal Shelter is not very far away, and you can check out who’s up for adoption here on their instagram.

AHS Newark Branch

Another great adoption resource.  Check out their instagram, and give them a follow. They also have a great Facebook page.  And here is their google profile.

North Jersey Craigslist PETS

Craigslist sometimes is a great resource for adopting pets.  Sometimes people are going through life changes and put up really great animals for adoption on Craigslist.  It’s worth a shot to check out the boards in the NYC / NJ area for quality animals looking for a great home.


Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, INC

This is an awesome adoption facility in Oakland NJ.  This is their phone number 201-337-5180  This is their Instagram.