Dog Profile: Luna

Client Profile: Luna

Luna In The Snow

Dog Name: Luna

Owner: Matt Tack

Luna just turned 3.  Her favorite toys are tennis balls, spike balls, furry balls, rubber balls, plush balls, any balls really. She likes to play fetch outside, and go hiking a lot.  She is a great explorer of the NJ wilderness and loves to swim.

Luna knows Sit, stay, come, touch, stop, down, shake, high-five, spin, sit pretty. She’s working on getting dad beers from the fridge but that is taking some time.

A dog product Luna really likes is Chuck-it classic ball launcher .  It’s great for any dog that loves fetch, really saves your throwing arm! Luna also really loves her Front Range Harness from Ruff Wear.

How has your experience been so far with Jersey City Dog Walking?

We love Marcelo! 5/5 stars – Matt Tack

Luna at the Lake

Luna Swimming


Regal Luna

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