Dog Walking Package Policies

Booking and payment information

All invoices are sent on Sunday for that upcoming week’s service.  We also allow you the option to pay all at once at the beginning of the month for your package.  Whatever works for you!  Once you decide the days and time window, it will be the same throughout the week.

Cancel Policy

There are 10 federal holidays per year that occur during a work week.  On those days you will not be charged for walks, and we are closed.  

Text update

After each walk our awesome dog walker will text you to confirm they visited your pup and loved them something proper. 

Our arrival window Policy

We like to allow a grace period of one hour for the walker to arrive for your session.  There might be inclement weather or other unanticipated delays.  So for example if your session is at 12:00 pm we kindly ask that you allow from 11:30 – 12:30 for the walker to come.

Meeting And Greeting new clients

All new clients are required to do a free meet and greet with the owner and the walker for your area.  That person will be your reliable consistent walker who’s there to build a routine with your dog.  We will be sure to bring proof of insurance as well as client references.  


We use Pet Sitters Associates LLC as our insurance carrier.

Group walks and off leash

We do not do off leash play, or dog runs of any kind.  We have no way of controlling who comes in and out of the dog run, so we prefer to do solo walks only.  Sometimes it is possible to do group walks if you are close to another dog on the route.  No group walks happen without checking in with you first, and introducing your dog to their walking buddy.  


We use a walk minimum policy of 3 walks per week for each client.  Each package has a different option and price so check which one fits your schedule, here.

Our Hours of operation are Monday – Friday 10 AM – 5 PM

All pups must be up to date on their vaccinations in order to start service, or continue service.

We walk dogs in the following area codes: 07302 and 07310

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