Dog Walking Policies

Booking And Payment 

We confirm the schedule on Friday for the upcoming week’s service.  Once you decide the days for the upcoming week, we set the schedule.  And bill for that week.  We prefer venmo.  We also offer monthly billing

Text Update

After each walk our awesome dog walker will text you to confirm they visited your pup and loved them something proper. 


We ask 3 walks per week on average to hold your spot.  Calculated by walks booked ÷ weeks since you started. if you’ve been with us a while, every 6 months. The average has to be 3  at all times.  Here is a Guide 


If you book 5 walks a week, many weeks in a row, you are can cancel. Your average is over 3. If you book the minimum and cancel, we can’t refund or credit those walks.


If you book the minimum and cancel, we CAN move those credits to another week.  Those walks expire after 2 weeks, and your average must remain 3. 

Arrival window

We like to allow a grace period of one hour for the walker to arrive for your session.  There might be inclement weather or other unanticipated delays.  So for example if your session is at 12:00 pm we kindly ask that you allow from 11:30 – 12:30 for the walker to come.

Meeting Your Walker

All new clients are required to do a free meet and greet with the owner and the walker for your area.  That person will be your reliable consistent walker who’s there to build a routine with your dog.  We will be sure to bring proof of insurance as well as client references.  


We use Pet Sitters Associates LLC as our insurance carrier.


If your dog has to be walked solo due to location time or temperament, it is an additional $5 per walk.  Any walks that need to happen before 10 am, or after 4 pm are considered OFF PEAK hours.  There is a fee of $7 added to each visit.  

Walking Buddies

We like to match friendly dogs who live near each other, so they have a walking buddy.  If that is ok with the owner.  Maximum walking buddies are 3 in a group.  Buddies do not get matched until evaluation period is over.

Weekends and Vacation coverage

We offer Dog Sitter Services for Jersey City.  We can cover the weekends, and your vacations.  Price varies from client to client. Please look at our dog sitter services page to learn more> Additional $10 per visit on all weekends and federal holidays 

Hours Of Operation

Monday – Friday 10 AM – 4 PM

Play Groups

We offer a play group, pick up and drop off is included.  Pickup is at 10-11:30.  Drop off is by 2 pm.  Session is at the Newport Dog Park and the time runs 40 min – 1 hour.  All dogs must be vaccinated.  Here is our services page to learn more.