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Wag Wellies Product Shot

Wag Wellies

Wag Wellies® Product Review

In an effort to pass along quality products to our furry clients, we are pleased to review Wag Wellies®!  These hip looking boots are not only chic but extremely easy to put on, plus gentle around the ankle.

Wag Wellies® are a phenomenal alternative to the rubber balloon style booties you might be familiar with. Often times dogs do not enjoy wearing those boots and they are cumbersome to put on.  If you look at the side view image below, you can see the ankle section is bifurcated.  This allows for flexibility when slipping paws through the ankle area.  Speaking from personal experience, once the velcro strap is removed the gentle rubber ankle section opens up to a large opening.  This creates a “slipper like” application experience.  The velcro strap then ensures a secure and comfortable binding.

We got introduced to Wag Wellies® through our walking client Louie, who is a big fan!  We cannot recommend these enough as an easy time saver on your rain day walk routine.  If you are in the New York area there is a flagship store here.  You can try them on in store there and see for yourself how easy they are to put on.  They are also available online if you prefer the convenience of shopping from home. Wag Wellies® come in a variety of sizes to fit any dog.  They have a handy sizing guide on their website.

And Finally, in addition to their main design they also make a cool Croc style boot.  The “Mojave” version ( pictured below) is for desert like climates and provides a protective breathable boot for you dog.

Check them out!

Wag Wellies® Side view

Side View

Wag Wellies® Mojave

Wag Wellies® Mojave

Wag Wellies

WagWellies® / Louie

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